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Is there a procedure for connecting an external wifi router to a Ui24r?

New to the forum, and a new Ui24r user. In a larger venue, (a large high school gymnasium in my case), I found the wifi hotspot coverage from the Ui24r to be a bit too weak, I tried better antennas but they didn't make much a difference at the other side of the building, (maybe 25% better which was not enough). I was connected via LAN, but also wanted wireless mobility to access the mixer with other devices, so I decided next time i would use an external wifi router. I checked the manual but cannot find a procedure for that. Either I missed it or it isn't there, any suggestions or a how-to would be appreciated, thanks.


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    There is no special procedure to do this. You would just plug in an external wireless router to the LAN port of the Mixer.

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