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(Ui16) Uneven volume/output in Stereo Link

I'm relatively new to sound mixing and only do it once a week for the most part. We've been using this wireless system for a few months and I'm generally happy with it.

But here's my question; When I link ch7/ch8 ( keyboard ) and ch9/ch10 ( computer ), the levels do not come from the house speakers evenly. It is heavy on the right. I've looked at everything I can FIND to manipulate this issue, but haven't been successful in finding it. For now, we've raised the gain on the left and lowered the right. Doesn't seem right to have to do that, but it is working that way now.

Could there be a setting somewhere that I'm too ignorant to check? Thx for you help.


  • cleon1967cleon1967 Posts: 4

    Ok...no one has any tidbit to offer? Is it really normal that the levels would be vastly different on L-R when linking 2 channels on the Ui16? No one from Soundcraft on this forum?

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