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No sound at the outputs of my ui-24r

Hello, nice to contact you. I am writing to you for a problem that I can not solve. I do not have audio in the outputs of my new Ui-24R, or headphones, or master, or auxiliary outputs. Surely it is easy to solve but I can not find an answer in the tutorials. As soon as I bought it, I connected a guitar to channel 1, plugged in my headphones and without further help I listened well (I only did that test). Immediately enter the official page and download the update "Ui24R Firmware Update" (version 3.0) and when reconnecting the guitar is no longer heard by any of the outputs. The led of the master move but there is no sound in the physical outputs. If I put music from a pendrive the same thing happens, it plays ... it moves the led but it does not listen. There is nothing in mute. The output "MASTER-HW OUTS" is also correctly set. Is there something I'm missing out on doing? Can you help me with my problem? Thank you very much already

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