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Phantom Power Gain Fader Noise

I just got a new UI16 last week and needed to know if the noise on a phantom powered channel is a fault on my unit or a deficiency with current UI16 units.

Let me step through the process so someone else can replicate it (Fader= volume fader on the mix screen; Gain= fader on the gain screen)
1. I connect a condenser Mic to a muted channel. Fader and Gain at zero.
2. Switch on the phantom power. Raise the gain to about 50% range. All quiet.
3. I flip to Mix view and raise the fader. Sound is great.
4. Flip back to Gain view. When I adjust the gain you can hear what sounds like digital scratching. (Like moving a dirty analogue fader or pot)
5. This only happens on a channel with phantom power on, and the fader up so you can hear audio on the channel.

If you don't adjust the gain it would be fine, but if you need to make an adjustment in a live concert it would be most distracting. This occurs on all channels.

Please can someone check this and comment on whether I need to send this unit back. Else, someone from Harman, if this is an issue that will be fixed with a firmware update.

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    AlibyAliby Posts: 8
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    Thanks for the response Hiven_Ding.
    I had to return the unit to the factory as the buzzing on phantom power was a system hardware fault.
    They replaced it with a new unit.


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    I don't think you have a proper process for using it. Gain is the only time to amplify your signal, you should follow the Electrical Match principle. Fader is just an attenuator, it can reduce your volume in your need.

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