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Signature 12MTK Mixdown Limitation?

Hello there - I have had my Soundcraft Signature 12MTK desk for about a month now and am only now discovering what seems to be a severe limitation. I could be wrong, of course, but let me explain:

I have a mixture of outboard gear (keyboards, guitar FX, mics) going into the desk as well as a feed from my computer DAW. I use the stereo out to feed my monitor speakers and the group outputs to send to my DAW for recording selected tracks. That leaves me needing a record out to send to my digital recorder for putting down ideas and final mixes. I figured I could use auxiliary 1 and 2 outputs and that does work for the regular inputs 1-6. But inputs 7/8 and 9/10 seem unable to send a stereo signal in that way. I only just noticed this and it's very frustrating.

So, am I mistaken and there is a way to get stereo out on all channels via the auxiliaries or am I stuck with a desk that won't do what I want? I miss my old Yamaha desk with a separate 2-track out. Thanks.

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