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Move multiple faders at once on Ui16

I'm new to digital mixing. Have been watching all the videos online. One thing I'm not finding is how to move more than one channel fader at a time. Can anyone help?


  • TedztarTedztar Posts: 1
    Hi what do you mean move multiple faders at once? Are you using an app?
  • Just do it. Use a tablet or mac or pc so you have room. Pick out Soundcraft Ui16 for your "router"(that's how I see it), type in the PW, go to your browser and type in ui-mix.io. Choose the large format. A set of virtual sliders comes up, with Ch1 on the far left. I can move three at a time with my stubby fingers. More than that, I suggest sticking them in a subgroup. Meanwhile if you haven't, read the manual. This is a really easy to use mixer, even if you don't have digital console experience. Good luck and have fun. If I insulted your intelligence, I did not mean to.

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