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UI24R Ethernet connection set up

So I've watched the tutorial about a dozen times following along with my UI24R. I've verified the LAN IP address connecting to the UI24R via hdmi or the hot spot. When I connect up my ethernet cable I get both lights. I open a browser and enter the IP address but the laptop doesn't connect to the UI24R.... Is there something wrong with my procedure?


  • cleon1967cleon1967 Posts: 4

    I had a few issues with connecting also via the LAN. One thing that I had to watch was the IP address changed on me. I don't know how or why, but check it in the settings tab/icon. Completely turn off the unit and restart. ( I'm assuming you've done this...but you know how we forget the simple things at times. ) When you restart with the LAN wire connected, I THINK it sets an IP address. That may've been what happened to me. Sorry if I'm not more help. I'm also struggling to get some help on this forum.

  • boblove1boblove1 Posts: 3

    I was able to get it connected. It was with windows 10. Vicki at soundcraft support walked me through it.

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