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Signature 22 MTK vs Logic Pro X (Mojave)

Dear Friends, I was very glad when I my Soundcraft came last week, but now I can not only “view” the audio but can not listen to anything. I would like to know if is t a real lack of firmware -some people notice can operate on High Sierra. Please let me know if is there a fix coming soon or another thing I’m doing wrong onto my records. Thanks in advance. Paulo Brandao.


  • hansihansi Posts: 2

    i have the same problem. no audio with mojave, although 22 mtk is chosen as audio out.

  • me too I've had my 22mtk for a few months and being new t the mixing game i thought it was me,I've only just started using the unit, I've had it a few months,but I've spent two whole days triying to operate the thing,now its completely locked me out of being able to even playback tunes,I'm not very happy and it seems that on this forum I'm not the only one,I'm gonna be taking steps

  • courtsongcourtsong Posts: 4

    Mojave introduced enhanced security. Have you given your DAW access to the Microphone? System Settings > Security & Privacy > Privacy . Scroll until you see your DAW and grant it access.

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