Notepad 12fx multiple tracks: one input is recorded on several separate inputs/tracks.

New to the forum, hoping I can get some answers. Just got the Notepad 12fx, and it seems to be working, but when I try to record 3 separate mics in Reaper, one input is recorded through all 3 mics at once. Everything look set up correctly in Reaper as far as the routing matrix goes, I really can't figure it out. It just isn't isolating each mic individually (hope this makes sense). Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions? I am using Windows 10.


  • Can't get it to work properly in Sonar/Cakewalk either. Inputs 1 & 2 work properly on separate channels. However, inputs 3 & 4 are being routed to 1 & 2 for some reason. Can't get them on separate physical inputs within the DAW or windows audio settings. Device settings show 2 stereo inputs, but will not receive an audio signal on the 2nd stereo input. Using Windows 10, latest driver, latest firmware. Also tried disabling driver signing and then fully removed/re-installed all software and drivers. Also tried different USB cable. Next step is to try another computer and maybe another DAW, but the issue appears to be hardware or driver related.

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