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using iphone(6) as a usb stick to access my songs

Just purchased a Soundcraft ui24r mixer and would like to pulg my Iphone into the input usb to play my songs stored on my phone.
I imagined this would be what every one would want these days, to be able to play songs stored on your phone in beween a bands sets. it was certainly possible with previous mixing desks.
Unfortunately it doesn't seem to recognise the phone and any song I choose is just played by the phone rather than the sound system. Is there a button I need to press to get this to work for me ?


  • Doubt the Soundcraft has Apple MFI support. Smells like a lightning to 3.5 mm to RCA is your best option.
  • Hi roland,
    yep I think your right and I've at least got my music going that way.
    I wonder how we get soundcraft to recognise apple? You would have thought they would be interested in interacting with one of the low end phone manufacturers such as apple!

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