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Recording for the UI 12

So I was using our UI 12 last night using my Ipad and also a laptop. I noticed on the laptop the record button was visible and active but not on the Ipad. I hit record on the laptop and it recorded. What is the difference or how can I enable the record function on the Ipad like the laptop?

Thanks everyone.


  • Still looking for help on this. Cant believe no one knows the answer. Please... any help would be great. Want to record the band next weekend so would like to get it set up.

    Thanks so much everyone. What a great product.

  • Beauler.... Beauler... Beauler? No one? Not even getting a reply from Tech support. I cannot believe something like this has stumped everyone. Even Soundcraft themselves?
    Please can someone help me out. This is the first Soundcraft piece our company has purchased and we love it... but when looking for help Im not getting anything on that.

    Thanks again group

  • Thanks for your posting. Though it spoke of problems, it convinced me that the Ui 12 was capeable of getting something out digitally, an so I bought one, which was rather difficult, as it was was sold out virtually everywhere all over Austria and Germany.
    Got one now.
    Likewise, becoming a forum membership was quite a process ... but well, here I am, finally, to report ;-)

    Turned on the device and inserted an USB stick with some mp3 files on it, went to the media page on an iPad, double clicked on a track and it started playback fine.
    Could not stop or pause playback, though, nor skip tracks, because every button was greyed out. The only way to stop playback was to turn off the unit.
    Took a deep breath and downloaded the latest firmware update v1.0.7048 [52.6 MB], though it said "beta", which usually is rather a bad sign, followed the instructions, and nothing did explode.
    instead as a result everything is fine with all the buttons on every controlling device, laptop and iPad likewise (don't own a smartphone, believe it or not, so did not test the small screen version).
    All buttons, including Record, are available and working satisfyingly.
    So maybe frimware update is what you should try as well.

  • Correction: Firmware Update V1.0.7548 [52.8 MB] it was!

  • Thanks so much for getting back to me daydreamer58. It's amazing how a new guy to this forum can answer my question but the people who know these systems inside and out cant answer a simple question. I asked another question yesterday and no one has responded either. Im a member of the Mackie forum too since I have those board salso and those guys come back right away when I have questions and their suggestions always work. I dunno.
    But anyway... Took your advice and tried to install the latest update but I already had the newest version installed so I guess im back to square one. Still dosent make sense to me either.

    Its still a GREAT board when you can get help with things that you need help with.
    Again, Thanks so much.

  • G'day Jayjay68.Did you ever solve this problem. I have this problem now on my MacBook but did not yesterday. All I did today was to open the software on phone, and then save new shows. Cheers Roger

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