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ui24r Parallel routing

rolandvg99rolandvg99 Posts: 3
edited August 2019 in Soundcraft Mixing Consoles
Are there any plans for an parallel routing option like that available for Yamaha, Behringer, Midas, Mackie, Allen & Heath and most other digital consoles, regardless of price range?

The ui24r is incapable of parallel processing like:
- sending channels to both master and subgroups at the same time
- multiple VCA and Subgroup assigns from each channel
- subgroups to AUX
without creating severe phase issues. The SUB to MATRIX trick, then patch master outs back to the Mixer ins to give an option for subgroups and individual channels to an AUX is just not very elegant. In fact, it's useless, unless living inside a sewer pipe is one's favourite hobby.

The otherwise excellent ui24r is ruined by this rather small oversight (at least for me). :)


  • And to those questioning: "why do anyone need to use multiple VCA's or multiple SUB groups assigns?"

    Multiple VCAs: Multi mic drum set with VCA for toms if these exceede 2-3 and a dedicated cymbal/hi-hat VCA when utilizing spot mics for cymbals. Then a master VCA for the entire kit.

    Multiple Solo and backing vocals is another scenario. It's also essential to be able to send subgroups to AUX and still keep the channela in the master section for an easy, clutterfree IN-EAR monitor mix handled by performers. The More me is ok, but not very great if you need to re-balance your main instrument(s) and/or vocals mid-set up against the band. I.e. vocals and guitar/keyboard/drums/bass and instruments in the form of multiple keyboards and multi channel/multi miced guitar rigs.
  • I have a similar request. I just want to use my main outs mirrored to studio monitors, but have a seperate volume control for each. Did you ever figure out if you can send mains to an AUX or MATRIX?

  • You can send the Main LR to a Matrix and then patch the Matrix to XLRs.

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