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UI24R LAN and WLAN router connection universal adress

Good day dear friends!
Soundcraft UI24R connected by LAN interface with router.
UI24R connection settings:
Address: manual
Router connected to WAN port with UI24R
Router connection settings:
Static IP
When hotspot is turned on, UI is available from any device connected with wlan or lan to router by:
At this time no any device is connected to the UI24R Wi-Fi network.

When hotspot is turned off, UI is available only by
Is it possible to connect with UI by any universal address like ui-mixer.io when UI24R WiFi network is turned off?
Router gives quality WiFi 5GHz connection and doesn't make problems with wireless digital 2,4GHz microphones; 2,4GHz WiFi network is turned off.


  • And for this theme one more question.
    When I connect router with UI24R by LAN-LAN cable, and use UI24R LAN connection settings like "Address: DHCP", then router gives any free random IP for UI24R from it's network like So, if you dont't know right IP adress, you can't connect to mixing UI. It helps only when you reserve DHCP settings in router, then your IP will be known and constant. Otherwise, it's no way to connect to mixing UI. May be you know other ways to connect mixing UI using DHCP address in UI24R.

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