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JSON file

Hi, does anyone knows the content of the json file exported by the UI24R ?
I would like to write some useful tools, for quickly swapping channels, or other tools.
Any idea could be appreciated.

another question for Soundcraft tem: is it planned to include shelf filters in the next FW updates ?




  • Hello
    The JSON stuff is not documented in my version of the UI.
    I have tried to activate the button "export offline file" but nothing happens apparently.

  • GS5208GS5208 Posts: 1

    FWIW, JSON files are a standard format (see wikipedia), but that doesn't necessarily mean that they make sense.

    I too have so far failed to export a json file. I'm in contact with Soundcraft about a couple of issues at the moment, including that.

  • Hi all. New owner of UI24. I'm a retired developer, so when I saw the JSON export function, my eyes went wide (hopeless geek I am). I too, would like some info about the json settings. I can easily export the settings to a json file and read them in a text editor with json formatting (I use Notepad++). Some quirky things about what the export really exports, versus what snapshot saves really save. I wish these features were better documented. For one, View groups are not saved (snapshot save) but you can export this info to a json file.

    So, if I truly want to maintain all settings, I need to conduct json exports. Then, use the json import to bring back those settings. I'm in two active bands and have very different settings between them, views included.

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