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Can you run the output of a UI24r into the input of another mixing board?

I play in a band that uses a Soundcraft Ui24R. We run our own sound with our own PA system and our own sound tech 99% of the time but every once in a while we will book something that has sound provided. It never fails that every time we book these jobs the guy running sound sucks. Therefore we want to use our own sound guy. The problem with this is that with all of the different boards out there it kind of makes it difficult to know how to run all of them especially the ones like ours where everything is digital so having our sound guy run everyones systems isnt feasible. So at our last gig that had provided sound, we decided to try something different and run through our board so we could take advantage of our in ears and simply run the left and right main outs to the 1st and 2nd channel of the venues mixer. This way our sound guy could run our system for the mix as he is familiar with our board and the venue would just have control of the master volume. The first time we played this venue our sound was horrific. The second time we ran it our way with our sound guy it was one of the best sounding nights we've had. So the question is, what problems or issues could we have and is this the correct way to do this? Bottom line, we want to run our mixer with our sound guy using our mixer but take advantage of the house PA when sound is provided. Spec wise the max main output for the Ui24R is 20.5dbu and headphones Is 500mw. When we ran using this method, we pulled our main output all the way down on our board, had the venue give us about 50% on channel 1 & 2 slider and main out on their mixer, then we started pulling our main output volume up on our mixer until the volume was good and we weren't clipping.


  • I think the best way would be to connect main outputs of the 24R directly to the PA chain of the place you play, that is to say bypass the local mixing system.

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