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Soundcraft FX16II Stuck Solo Mode Repair Options

My Soundcraft FX16II has a channel locked in solo/pfl mode. Unhooked everything, powered down, pressed solo button hard, etc..

I've read and explored previous posts addressing this issue and I'm afraid the needed skill to repair it and replacement parts are beyond my current capabilities (or, at least for the immediate future, but I need the board operational ASAP...).

What I haven't seen addressed on other posts about this problem is if the channel can somehow be disabled entirely. I don't need that channel at the moment so if there was a way to get the rest of the board working again, I could commit the time after I finish some projects.

If my only option to disable the channel ends up requiring some severe damage to that channel, making a future repair later on very difficult, I'm so desperate, I'd be willing to sacrifice the channel permanently. I've never even needed all 16 channels, so odds are I won't ever miss it.

I've got the board completely dissembled and the following schematics:

If there is any information needed, please let me know.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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