Has Harman considered adding audio stream playback/recording to Ui-16 via its USB ports?

Hi, new Ui-16 user here. I recently picked up a Ui-16 because it basically had everything I needed in one small portable unit except for 1 thing: USB audio in/out to PC.

I'm not asking for full multitrack capabilities here, just a simple stereo mix sent out via USB (and preferably bidirectional) as do so many modern mixers. My Behringer and Yamaha analog mixers both have this functionality.

I do a lot of livestreaming, so without a way to get my Ui-16 to communicate bidirectionally with my laptop, I have to introduce another piece of hardware in order to get the job done, but even then with limitations.

If anyone from Harman reads this post, I would love to know whether this was a feature that was considered, or could still be possible via firmware update, or whether it was and will always be physically impossible given the hardware. I've seen updates to the Ui-16 that provide keyboard, mouse, and even HDMI video output support. Surely, USB playback and recording via USB to a PC/laptop is doable.

If any users out there share my love for the Ui-16 but also my frustration in the lack of this very simple yet significant feature, and have found an elegant workaround using minimal hardware, I would love to hear from you before I head out to buy the required hardware.

Thanks for listening.

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