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Aux coming out on L only for Signature 22 mtk

Hey! Anybody would be able to answer this question? I didn’t find anything related around.

Were using the soundcraft 22 multitrack to track our band with pro tools, and most of it is super awesome! But we are having and issue with Auxilaries which none of us can figure out what’s wrong.

We are sending signal to many auxes, 1 for each member of the band to hear their own mixes. Like bass player has the aux1 out, drummer aux2, me aux3. Etc. Technically everything seems to be working fine, with the weird exception that all of us are getting signal on the left ear only. No matter if i pan a channel to the right, it still comes out on the left ear, for all of us.

2 of us are using shure in ear monitors, the drummer another type of headphone, etc. But the issue is the same for all of us.

Not sure why we are having all signal on left, not mattering which aux it is.

Any ideas?
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