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Ui16 Lost Network Connection on cable and wiFi

The Ui16 is the center of our band’s live sound. Having run into occasional issues with the wiFi (iPad shows “Connecting . . .“) mid-session, I connected a laptop to the RJ-45 port as a backup. Yesterday, both the cable-connected laptop and the iPad displayed the dreaded “Connecting . . .” Message simultaneously. I was able to recover via a re-start of the Ui16 - this would pose a problem mid-song . . .anyone seen this issue with cable and WiFi?

Regards, sarge62436


  • Hello
    what SW version are you on ?

  • HughHugh Posts: 1

    I had the exact same problem at a gig last night. I could not get re-connected even after reboot. Set up at home this mornig and all working fine. Leaving it running for a while to keep an eye on it.
    I will get back to you if anything goes awry. I am thinking of going back to an analogue mixer. I looked so unprofessional last night.

  • I'm also seeing this issue on both wi-fi and Cat-5 connection. It does seem to come back immediately after a reboot.

    i) Anyone know any more about it?
    ii) If it happens mid-song, do we lose audio, or does the audio continue, using the last settings?

  • My ui 16 also same issue
    Audio losing and and connection issues please give a solution for this
  • dnjpauls1dnjpauls1 Posts: 2
    edited December 2021

    Good Afternoon,

    Has anyone heard back on a solution to this issue? Looks like this issue was originally brought up on this forum in October of 2019. While I understand issues take time to resolve, 2 years way too long.

    Our Ui 16 WiFi connection issues started for us this past summer after we updated to a new Android 11 tablet when our 2016 tablet's battery failed.

    We re-set & updated the mixer to the latest version of its firmware which is from 2018 to try and resolve this issue to no avail.

    Can we please get some help with this. Not much you can do with the mixer when the connection goes down during a performance. We even tried a larger antenna thinking a stronger signal couldn't hurt. Problem is, it didn't help either.

    David Paul

  • didimumdidimum Posts: 1
    Our UI16 has dropped connectivity, and we have had to use a far less elegant back up board while on a West Coast tour. We have reset and updated the unit, to no avail. Please, please give us a fix for this! It will not connect hard wired or via hotspot.
    At this point, our lovely board is as useless as a brick.
  • Our ui- 16 has had this problem for a few years now but it didn't happen very often up until recently it's happening everyday. I've updated to the latest firmware that wasn't the beta I have yet to push that version to see if it fixes the problem but I called tech support and they suggested to factory reset it which we have done and the problem is still occurring almost daily. This system is hardwired and I even have it plugged into a wattbox power strip that reboots it every night yet we still have it drop connection throughout the day. Disappointing I will try to update the firmware to the beta from 2018 but I don't have much faith in it and I think we'll have to replace it.
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