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newbie question 1 : tempo and click on UI 16

alpheratz_06alpheratz_06 Posts: 7
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I'm a new UI16 user and I have a few questions for which I didn't manage to find in the user's manual. I'm going to address them one by one in a few posts.

I've seen that it is possible to define a tempo for each item of setting.

Is there a way the tempo can be "clicked" into a channel, or is it necessary to inject an outer tempo signal from an external source?



  • you can use the foot switch jack to set times but.... It's a failing of the programming. In the delay settings, You need to have the TIME/DIV set to Zero and the DIV fader set to 1/1 for the tap tempo to work. This info is nowhere in the docs that I can find. and frankly a pain in the butt for those of us who play and mix from the stage. You would think that the tap tempo would override the delay time setting...considering the foot switch will control the tempo...but no, we have to hit 85 buttons and sliders to get a good timed delay effect to work. Ugh.

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