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newbie question 2 : cascading and crossing two UI 16


This one is a bit more delicate to address.

We are a medium-size band equipped with two brand new UI 16.
We have tried a configuration that generates an issue. I'm trying to summarize this as well as I can.

The fist UI16 (let's call it UI#1) is dedicated to drums (7 inputs are in use). The main output of UI#1 is piped to one channel in UI#2 which hosts the rest of the band : piano, bass guitar , half a dozen of horns with microphones and the singer.

The drummer (me!) wants to use in-ear monitoring; for that purpose my idea was to generate a dedicated AUX on UI#2 which includes everything but the drums and which is sent back to UI#1. Let’s call it UI#2aux1

From that point, I have "zeroed" this input with respect to UI#1 main output mixing (i thought this would prevent oscillations) and blended it with the drum local channels to UI#1 AUX1. This AUX output then feeds my in-ear monitoring system .

Unfortunately, this result in oscillating? Echoing? … Well very bad, chopped global sound, whatever gain I apply to the band feedback on UI#1. The mess in the sound disappears only if I physically disconnect UI2 aux output from UI1 input.

I would like to know whether what I am trying to do is possible or not.

Do you have any suggestion on how to proceed with this issue?


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