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Signature 22 MTK FX Processor failure

I've had my Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK for almost 2 years. Best unit I've ever owned.

I've recently ran into an issue rendering the board into a useless $900 paperweight.

It seems that the FX Processor is failing, causing loud pops off the charts on the PFL with no signal running through the board.
And no fx are lit/selected on the fx list.

While this is happening, it can be fixed by twiddling the selector knobs around until the selections light up long enough for both channels to be selected, it will work with some popping until it is Plugged in via USB. Then it crashes again, and is unreadable by the PC. (attemped with 2 pcs, 2. Usb cables, and switched outlets.

I have no idea what to do other than be extremely upset about the brain of my studio being out of commission.

Is there any solution for a potential soft fix?

Any idea or rough estimation of repair costs for a US Customer?
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