Soundcraft Signature MTK & IPad : USB return does nothing, advice requested

Hi all, my recently acquired Signature 12 MTK is recognised for all USB inputs and outputs in the apps AUM and Cubasis by my iPad 2018 running iPad OS 13.1.3, and will multitrack record into them simultaneously via the onboard USB port running into a powered USB hub and an official Apple Camera Kit Mk 2 ( the one that lets you power your iPad while in us), all good so far.

However, and despite having read the manual, and understandI guess from that that I should be able to run the resulting USB audio back out from the iPad (which is here acting exactly as a DAW) on a per channel basis to the desk by pressing the USB Return button on each corresponding channel, I’m getting diddly. In fact, nothing I do seems to let me run in any signal at all from the iPad or from any other USB Audio device into the desk, via USB. Traffic is one way only, despite the presence of the USB returns. If there is a sneaky extra step I have to enable to let the USB returns work as expected I have yet to find it.

Does anyone have any suggestions, as without being able to monitor the mix of the signals being sent from the iPad, the desk is useless to me.

I believe early versions of this desk had issues with iPads, but these were resolved? If so is there a way to check if my desk is one of the problem models? And, if that, is there a fix?

The fact that the iPad can see both the multitrack ins and outs should though surely mean what I am trying to do (and what is advertised in the manual and on the box) is possible. The little two channel Zoom interface this desk was supposed to replace can handle this input/output configuration (albeit only for 2 inputs at a time) no prob, so what gives? Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks!

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