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Signature 12 MTK - Onboard / Outboard FX Processing

Zergei72Zergei72 Posts: 1
edited November 2019 in Soundcraft Mixing Consoles

Sorry for this may sound stupid (newbie I am), but how can I record a wet signal from the console to e.g. REAPER ?
I have channels / inputs 1 & 2 as USB RTN (designated / routed to MASTER on the console) from REAPER and my Vocal mic is connected to channel / input 3 .

I'd like to add some realtime fx using either the Lexicon FX onboard or VST-plugins in REAPER .

So far I've managed to record the wet-signal from my mic, but strangely also the background music or even the click track is captured . I've done this by creating a mono track in REAPER (IN Analogue 3 Mono) and a Stereo track (FX returns ?) using inputs
Analogue 13 and 14 . Rec-enabled them all and hit the rec button .

As I said I'm a total newbie on this mixer (only have used a retro FOSTEX 812 previously) ... so please keep it simple .

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