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Problem with UI24R

Good morning.
I've bought the unit UI24R two mounth ago.
Last Friday we had a concert. After attaching all the instruments to the mixer unit and making the first few minutes of sound check, suddenly the mixer started sending all the channels on peak without an apparent reason. This fact resulted in unpleasant plant bursts and rustlings without hearing any sound.
It happened that, using the scene saved for the venue, then with all the faders adjusted in a balanced way in relation to the desired mix for the show, at a certain point all the meters of the individual channels went to peak and from the system and from the monitors an annoying noise began to come out, without hearing any sound (voices, keyboards, etc). All channels were affected by this behavior: the main channels, the AUX. Furthermore, we tried to disconnect all incoming cables in the apparatus, but the situation has not changed. Not only that: we have also turned the mixer off and on again, but to no avail.
The equipment has always worked correctly in the rehearsal room, without giving the slightest sign of this problem, before last Friday. Has anyone experienced a similar incident? How did you solve it? Many thanks for all.


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