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Ui12: Buttons don't work on Android Tablet but Sliders do!?

Have connected Ui12 to both PC and Samsung Tablet. PC works fine; Tablet not so much as none of the buttons across the top or the MUTE SOLO buttons work. The sliders do work, including channel balance and I can shift the screen right/left to see all the channels, groups, etc. Also the press and hold to see channel settings works. How do I fix this?

TIP: I found one needs to turn off autoscreen rotation for the sliders to work properly, otherwise when you try to adjust slider down, the screen wants to refresh.


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    Got the same problem with brand new Ui12 on an Acer tablet. The same tablet works flawlessly with Ui24R though
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    I did a firmware update to correct the problem. Also, remember to turn auto-rotate function off.

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