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New Notepad 8FX - maybe I'm a dummy?

Hey everyone. I just got my mixer in. Took it out of the box. Plugged everything up. Plugged the USB from the mixer to my computer (PC, Windows 10). Installed the driver and the control panel from the website. I'm getting nothing anywhere. No sound coming through the mixer into the headphones plugged into the mixer. I tried 2 different mics, with 4 different XLR cables. I plug the power cable into the mixer, and the lights pop on real quick in the signal monitor, but then, nothing. And my PC doesn't even detect something is plugged in. Any ideas? Is this guy just DOA? Thanks.


  • I have nothing coming through with a TRS plugged in on 1-2 channels.
    Are the levels up on the channels you have something plugged in?
    Headphone in Aux are controlled by the blue nobs make sure that’s switched correctly.
    I’d call or email the help desk as responses on the forum doesn’t look hopeful.
  • yuripavlyuripavl Posts: 3

    when I installed the driver, the panel installed itself. when I then began to install the control panel from the site, the system warned that there was an older version. Therefore, I did not install it, everything works like that.
    Win 10/64

  • tidychaostidychaos Posts: 1

    Did anyone get any kind of help on their issues? looks like this forum is not particularly helpful?

    Just unboxed. Plugged in mic and headphones. got no audio signal. Any insight? 2 people who have plugged in audio equipment many times. Can't seem to figure this one out

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