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My Ui24R doesn't change the hour/date

I've tried this many many times without success...
On OPTIONS/SETTINGS I set the time and set the date, but when I record with the mixer, the data on the usb file keeps showing the 25th july 2016...
Seems that the mixer can't keep the new data by its own...
Maybe the mixer has a battery to keep the data and I have to change it or something?



  • I Have the same problem - does the ui24R have system clock? All my recordings on USB have the date stamp 25th July 2016.

  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    I deal more with the larger digital consoles so this may be best dealt with through a call to tech support or using the Ui24R Forum on Facebook but i'll pitch in my 2 cents. There is no battery or system clock in the Ui24R. It gets its time from a device connected to it that has also been connected to the internet. I believe in the current software release it can also be set via an HDMI screen.

    The problems with date seem to be predominately with people who are using it with HDMI screen. You might try using a tablet or PC and see with UI and see if it doesn't solve the time issue.

  • SanjeevPunjSanjeevPunj Posts: 3
    The point is that files must have the time stamp set currently but it does not. It goes to some old time in the year 2016.
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