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Signature 12 mixer, can it be run just mono on main output?

Signature 12 mixer, can it be run just mono on main output? Just received and see no mention of this in manual. I would expect just sending out left output would default to mono but want to be sure before connecting.



  • jack_catjack_cat Posts: 14

    I have the Signature 10 mixer. I have never been able to run a mono mix using just one of the XLR main outs: there is always some weirdness with popping and distortion unless both XLR output jacks are engaged and sent to an input somewhere (usually our two powered speakers). Why this should be I have no idea. We learned this the hard way on a gig where we tried to run a mono line to somebody else's system from the XLR, and neither side worked, whereas on some mixers it appears that one output jack of the main output pair is designed to output mono.

    On the other hand, I have run a mono line out from Aux 1, no problem, for an extra speaker and for a wireless transmitter, -- but I can't get a good signal (yet?) from the Aux 1 to my Zoom H2, recorder, the problem I am hunting for a solution to and the reason that I am poking around this forum reading old posts.

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