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Connecting a Spirit Folio SX to a Peavey XM 6 mono mixer amp?

First post. Hello everybody!

I'm running band rehearsals through an old Spirit Folio SX mixer and plugging it into an even older Peave XM 6 mono PA mixer amp.

There are several ways I could connect the two, but I'm wondering what's actually the RIGHT way to connect them.

The only balanced inputs on the XM6 are the 6 channels' XLR mic sockets. So, I'm using the "TAPE IN" stereo socket with a modified TRS cable, coming from the "MONO SUM" balanced output of the mixer (Hot > L+R, Cold > GND, GND > Lifted).

It works, but it's not pretty. Have I done good, or is there a better solution?

Thank you!


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    I'm guessing the 6 XLR inputs are not designed for line level inputs (the manual says "low impedance microphones or low level sources"). It doesn't seem right to plug the mixer into one of the input channels, even though I get a free EQ section to play with.

    Here's what the XM6 manual says about the other connectors:

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