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I couldn't find the files. Multitrack on Ui24R.

I just bought soundcraft Ui24R and tryout, it went ok until I test to record on USB multitrack, the format of the USB stick is ExFAT, I could record and playback fine only problem is , when I remove the stick and put on the computer both PC and Mac I couldn't find the files .WAV, the stick just blank, only some MB were lost. I just record with one mic on track 3.

What did I do wrong, I still come back to the machine and it still could playback again and again with no problems.

please help me,

Sampow Triudom


  • BackbeatBackbeat Posts: 1
    I'm sure you have found an answer by now but in case someone else finds your question...

    The USB drive needs to be formatted to Fat32. This also means that you can't use a USB drive that is larger than 32gb
  • "The USB drive needs to be formatted to Fat32. This also means that you can't use a USB drive that is larger than 32gb"

    I really hope this is not right. Soundcraft/Harmon provides absolutely no information about file sizes for recording on the Ui24R, nor does it state any technical specs on the sizes of USB sticks or file systems it supports for recording.

    I just purchased I 256 Samsung Fit so I could record 5+ hours of 22-track audio in WAV 24bit. Without ANY info from Soundcraft/Harmony, I assumed everything is supported since the speeds they require are up there and given the number of possible tracks and bitrates and such.

    It sure would be nice if someone from Harmon tech support would chime in with the location of the tech specs where it tells us everything we need to know about multitrack recording to USB sticks.

  • So on a whim, I downloaded a program MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition and formatted the 256GB Samsung Fit drive I purchased using FAT32. The 4GB partician size imposed by Windows is a limitation imposed to promote NTFS. So technically, FAT32 shoudl easily support 256GB partician. Now the question is, will the Ui24R support it for recording. Well, so far, the answer is YES. The free space registered after I started recording and it saw the usable space, nearly 256GB (I don't recall the exact number). I was able to record all tracks in both WAV and FLAC in 24bit. So the real test will be when I record five 45min episodes of my TV show, Scenes From A Hat. I'll post an update with the results of that. I plan to record in WAV/24bit to exercise the largest capacity recording option. Stay tuned.

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