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Ui16 Wireless Connection Issues

I bought a Ui16 to run a few mics at my church. We've had it a little over a year now. I have made multiple calls to the tech support and still have not been able to remedy the issue we are having. I seem to lose connectivity pretty constantly while I have the web page pulled up wirelessly. We don't have the same issue with a wired connection. At first we were connecting directly to the mixer's wifi hotspot and experiencing issues. Then we bought a wireless router and disable the Ui16's hotspot and accessed the mixer through the wireless router attached to the LAN port on the mixer. We still have the same issue.

We are not losing connectivity with the router, wifi reception is good. It seems to be something going on with the Ui16. It happens even if I am standing directly next to the mixer.

I have tried to look up new firmware, but can't find any versions newer than what is installed on the mixer, only a page saying that the new version is in beta testing. That page has said the same thing for over a year.

It seems like other people have had this issue. Has anyone successfully remedied it?


  • Hello You might need to reset/reboot the system and reload the update, make sure to follow instruction completely. I've been using mine for gigging in different locations and have not had a problem and I connect with the built in router to the wifi. Good luck GodBless

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