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Signature 22 MTK Noise

I just bought a signature 22mtk and I don't know why stereo ch. 15/16 and 17/18 are noisier comparing them to the mono channels which seem to work just fine!
Also on those two stereo channels, the EQ knobs make crackling noises when I turn them, like if they had dust inside (but the mixer was used 2 hours ago for the first time...). I thought optimistically about dust, but I also know that dust should get cleansed away after turning the knobs many times but they don't seem to get any better.

Noise also seems to increase if sending those channels to the groups 1-2 and 3-4 instead of the Master LR. For a misterious reason to me unknown.. every channel I send to the groups will sound noisier through them.

And last but not least.. the FX return channels are SO NOISY! Like there is white noise fed to them!

I am really thinking to ship this back to Thomann and get another mixer but I got the signature mtk exactly because had the multitrack feature in it.. this is so frustrating..

Has anyone experienced the same issues?

I've read in another forum other problems related to the usb connection and people also experiencing problems on the fx returns being noisy..


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