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8FX - Mic through Left Channel Only on Audacity

The problem is a mono sound in L channel when connected to Audacity and recording when playing back other audacity tracks produces distorted feedback.
I Have a mic in channel 1 using xlr socket, the notepad 8FX is then connected to a Windows10 laptop via usb. I can hear mono in both L/R channels on my headphones through the mixer but the feed is only coming through the L channel on Audacity. I can switch audacity to a mono channel, but have other stereo tracks which results in my having to convert mono recording to stereo later, something I’m trying to avoid. I also tried a Xlr to 1/4” TRS cable in 1 or 2 channels on the mixer with no sound whatsoever.
I’ve achieved mono through L/R channels by routing the line out through the master out L/R via a Behringer DAC into the PC. Either way, recording whilst playback of other tracks on Audacity produces feedback/distortion.
I want to record vocals whilst listening to other tracks on audacity, seems simple enough, just hard to achieve.
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