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Ui24R browser interface, slow response

In order to use the Big Display Mode, which is not supported on the direct HDMI output, I installed a raspberry PI 4 with Raspbian. Connected a touch screen to the Raspberry and connected the raspberry to the Ui24R. It is no problem to open the interface in Big screen mode, but the response of the interface is very slow. If I touch a fader on the touch screen, it takes about a second before the fader reacts. So in a live situation this is not usable. If I connect the touch screen directly to the Ui24R by HDMI and USB, the interface performs well. Also if I connect a computer to the Ui24R, no problems. Is there anyone who is using a setup like mine, and maybe can tell where to look for?


Mark Hofland


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    DB_CooperDB_Cooper Posts: 5

    Having similar laggy response with notebook computer hookup. Using Netgear router for increased wireless range and direct connection. Pressing any button has a 1- 2 second response time. Tried to find recommended computer requirements but haven't come across them yet. It does make it difficult to manipulate on stage live.

    Other than that it works great!

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    Did you kill the hardware acceleration in your browser setting?.

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