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UI24r Balanced Output

sorry my english, i'm brazilian and i don't speak english. This subject here in Brazil is much talked about.

In the manual informs that the outputs of the Ui24r are balanced, I checked and they are not balanced. I would like the other users to do tests as well and soundcraft to comment on. A recal in all thousands of mixers sold will be tragic for the company.


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    JoZelfJoZelf Posts: 5

    After testing on my UI24R , I found that the outputs are "Impedance balanced", which means that both output lines have the same output impedance, but only the + output (pin 2 of XLR) carries the output signal. Connected to a balanced input, this results in the same common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), but the total signal level is -6DB compared to when both outputs (but inverted for the - output) are driven.
    This can then be compensated by increasing the level on the + output. I did not measure the actual output levels, but this is a quite common approach by many pro-audio manufacturers.

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