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Soundcraft Notepad-12FX - Windows 10 Driver Installation Failure

I see others are having this issue as well. I'm wondering if Soundcraft/Harmon has responded to anyone about this. I've sent an email to the Canadian service provider as well as submitted the official support request form. I'm a little discouraged that there are a few other discussions about this issue but no response from Harmon.
Is there a new Windows digitally signed driver available or do I need to return the mixer after only having it for two days.
I followed the instructions and disabled the signature check to install the driver and it connected one time and worked perfectly. As soon as I shutdown for the night and came back the next day the driver was blocked and the mixer would not connect. I have not been able to get it to connect again, even by uninstalling and following the same installation procedure.
It says right on the box that this usb unit is compatible with Windows 10. Did they not test it???
I'll give it a day to get a response then I'm returning it.
It is really a shame... it worked perfectly the one time it did connect.... haha!


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    GRPaulGRPaul Posts: 2


    Harmon technical support responded to my request very quickly, within only a few hours. I'm very impressed and thankful.

    "We are sorry for the inconvenience! Until recently, Windows allowed you to ignore the warning and run anyway, but latest Windows 10 update took this away, drivers must be signed to be used. We have created a new driver, but it is awaiting release. I have heard it should be very soon, but is awaiting the actual signature from Microsoft."

    In the meantime, we do have to re-start the PC in safe-mode with the driver signature check disabled to allow the driver to function until the new driver is released.

    The release of the new driver will be announced on the Soundcraft newsletter.
    Select "Soundcraft Software/Firmware Updates" when prompted when you subscribe.

    Best wishes and stay safe all.

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    [update] i finally caved in and permanently disabled driver signature enforcement. works great now! make sure to run soundcraftUSBDfu.exe ('fu' also = firmware update) in the driver package to stop it from going to sleep after every 900ms(!) of inactivity
    I did get fast help from Harman support, issue solved by following instructions:
    Sometimes you need to disable Driver Signature Enforcement in windows 10 for our driver to install. Here is a link that explains how to do so.

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