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Hey all,
For the past two days I've been trying to record a few drum kit exercises but so far I've been unsuccessful.
I've looked at tutorials for the software and have followed them, also when I hit the drums I can see the green lines
so the audio is getting through to the laptop, however, after pressing record and playing, when I play back it's blank?
I've tried to figure out what I'm doing wrong but YouTube isn't much help.

Lastly, I was going to buy the less expensive model but the guy in the shop said I'd need the 12 for recording drums.
I have seven channels being used but Ableton only allows for four? Therefore, would I need to be the very expensive Ableton Live to be able to mix the seven channels as people are saying that even if you tweek the mixer to get a great sound, when you send to Ableton it will only send the raw sound and not what you've altered???


  • ConHolsterConHolster Posts: 3

    From my experience Ableton Live Lite wasnt really usefull if you wanted to record many live sources at once, it is better for electronic music. I recomend Reaper which let's record as many tracks as you want even in the trial version, and is alot cheaper than a useable version of Ableton.

  • JoeyTFJoeyTF Posts: 3

    I am also having a similar problem with Ableton 9 Lite on a Windows machine - no recorded audio back to/thru the MTK12. I am gonna start a new question on the forum and see what we can get back. JTF

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