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How do you control the recording level on a Ui12?

I am using a Ui12 for live worship services and have begun to record them. The recordings are made at a very low level. After equalizing them in an editor they sound good but I believe it would be better if I could increase the recording level. I have not been able to find any way to do that. Any help would be appreciated.



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    weexhomeweexhome Posts: 4

    I just purchased a Ui16 and ran into the same issue. I'm glad I found someone who has/had the same issue :) Hopefully, we'll get a response soon.

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    angelittoangelitto Posts: 1

    Same here. Ui16. Recordings are low on volume. I tried to flat the master EQ and seems a lil better now. But i want a dedicated knob for controlling the lvl of recording mix. This will be more better.
    I hope someone will hear us and make it possible.

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    mrakitomrakito Posts: 2

    anybody known ???

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    DenkeesDenkees Posts: 2

    I don't know how it is in the Ui16 but in the UI24 the 2 track recording records the master, ( after the masterfader ) Normally that is not so high ( because that feeds the FOH ) The multitrack recordings is normally after the Mic preamp gain ( same as the PFL ) and that should be ok, regards Kees

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    This seems to be the best place to ask, even though I'm using a Ui24R:

    So, which parameters are affecting the USB-Multitrack-Recording in general?

    Is it just the Input-Gain-setting?
    Or maybe the Input-Gain and the Mix-Level from the Main-Mix?
    Does the Master-Channel have any impact on USB-Recording?

    I read somehwere else, that the USB-Recording is working Pre-EQ and Pre-FX...but can't confirm in the manual.

    All of this should be covered in the manual imho.

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    PhilipKPhilipK Posts: 1
    edited May 2023

    I have just begun to use a SoundCraft Ui12 to record our church worship services and I'm having the same issue with a very low recording level which needs to be significantly amplified in my audio editor to make audible.
    I'd also appreciate help on this issue.

    I'd also be grateful if someone could help with another problem. Previously we used a CD recorder for recording services and while recording was taking place I could create new tracks just by pressing the "Record" button again - each press started a new track. However with the Ui12 mixer it seems that to create a new track I need to first press "Record" to stop recording, and then press it again to start a new recording. Unfortunately it takes a little portion of time to do this and the mixer hesitates before starting the new track so merging tracks leaves gaps in the audio.

    Is there any way to immediately begin recording a new track without the delay? I'd have thought that SoundCraft would have already provided a way to do this, if not, then I like to suggest that they consider doing this. I'd appreciate any suggestions on this. Thanks

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    patcasthpatcasth Posts: 2
    edited May 2023

    The USB record is post fader Master. I can’t find a setting to change this.
    What you can do is to lower the output of the mixer using the fysical volumesetting knobs. Toen there is more room to set the masterfader at an honger level.
    Or of it is possible, it is Better to lower the output of the power-amp(s) of Your Church an provide it with a Nice level of input from the ui mixer

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