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How do you control the recording level on a Ui12?

I am using a Ui12 for live worship services and have begun to record them. The recordings are made at a very low level. After equalizing them in an editor they sound good but I believe it would be better if I could increase the recording level. I have not been able to find any way to do that. Any help would be appreciated.



  • weexhomeweexhome Posts: 4

    I just purchased a Ui16 and ran into the same issue. I'm glad I found someone who has/had the same issue :) Hopefully, we'll get a response soon.

  • angelittoangelitto Posts: 1

    Same here. Ui16. Recordings are low on volume. I tried to flat the master EQ and seems a lil better now. But i want a dedicated knob for controlling the lvl of recording mix. This will be more better.
    I hope someone will hear us and make it possible.

  • mrakitomrakito Posts: 2

    anybody known ???

  • DenkeesDenkees Posts: 2

    I don't know how it is in the Ui16 but in the UI24 the 2 track recording records the master, ( after the masterfader ) Normally that is not so high ( because that feeds the FOH ) The multitrack recordings is normally after the Mic preamp gain ( same as the PFL ) and that should be ok, regards Kees

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