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UI24R: is there a way to set the parametric EQ's 1 and 4 to shelving?

The parametric EQ on a UI24R has 4 parametric EQ's, and a HPF, LPF and De-Esser.
Al four parametric EQ's are of the peaking type.
Is there a way to set EQ 1 (low) and/or EQ4 (high) to the shelving type?
(Like other analog and digital mixers)
I know the easy-EQ has shelving low and high filters, but that is a too limited EQ for me.



    Just I set the width as similar shape.

  • DarkCecilDarkCecil Posts: 4

    No, there is not. I am pretty sure this is NOT a hardware limitation, hence, "parametric". Annoying, really. But don't count on Harman to update it, they don't do things like that...

  • JoZelfJoZelf Posts: 3

    Thanks for your confirmation. Agree on that. In a UI24i all processing is digital, this if purely the way the filters are parameterized. So, not possible is simply not true, not willing to change is then the reason.
    Disappointing from Soundcraft/Harman/Samsung.

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