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UI24R: is there a way to set the parametric EQ's 1 and 4 to shelving?

The parametric EQ on a UI24R has 4 parametric EQ's, and a HPF, LPF and De-Esser.
Al four parametric EQ's are of the peaking type.
Is there a way to set EQ 1 (low) and/or EQ4 (high) to the shelving type?
(Like other analog and digital mixers)
I know the easy-EQ has shelving low and high filters, but that is a too limited EQ for me.



    Just I set the width as similar shape.

  • DarkCecilDarkCecil Posts: 4

    No, there is not. I am pretty sure this is NOT a hardware limitation, hence, "parametric". Annoying, really. But don't count on Harman to update it, they don't do things like that...

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