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signature series question please help


i would like to ask about probable differences between the signature 22 and 22mtk especially about the usb master send.
i've been working with my sig22 for a while now with no problems at all. few days ago i set up a new recording station with a new sig22mtk and i wanted to ask some things .

as i understand , and after reading the manual the usb master send is POST master fader. here's the strange part
in my original setup with the sig22 , i am sending 16 line outs from my converter into the line inputs on the console , do the analog summing and capture the mix back into my daw via the usb but it's PRE master fader.
i have created an aggregate device on my mac (my converters i/o+ the 2 i/o of the sig22)
so i can route from the daw --> to the sig22 inputs ---> mix the thing ---> back into the daw ---> daw in track ---> daw master (usb out) ---> channel 21/22 (don't have to route this one anywhere goes straight to the speakers when interval mute is on )

everything is fine , i get to monitor where ever i want (pre / post sig22 conversion) and my master fader is actually my monitor controller so i don't need an extra box between the sig22 and my speakers. plus i can TRIM my usb in channel 21/22 and calibrate my i/o converter headroom

now with the sig22mtk is a whole different story
usb send is in fact post master fader so i need a monitor controller to not blow my speakers when i want to record the 2 track mix
TRIM on the 21/22 input is not working when sending a 0dbfs tone from my daw to the 21/22 usb in on the console pressing PFL it won't go any higher than +6 on the meter. even if i turn the tone to +6dbFs +10 and so on . in my sig22 i can

is my sig22 a lucky factory mispatch of the usb insert point , or is it so different from the mtk version ? and to clarify the manual has the same signal flow diagram
i could do a work around and connect my speakers to group outs
spare 2 inputs of the console to route my daw out via usb return
and route everything to the master bus and the groups at the same time and don't send the groups to the mst
but it seems like a lot of hustle and a total waste of ch21/22 which IS in fact there for a reason i suppose and not just to bump up the input count on the marketing brochures

thanks for your time

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