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Notepad 8FX USB audio control panel

Hi folks, I am a bit of a newbie and have just connected my desk to my computer via the usb cable. I have also dowloaded and installed the interface software from the Soundcraft website. Now when I click on the icon to open it on my computer nothing happens. I am also using Audacity software. Don't know if there is a bit of a conflict? Thanks for any advice. Should I un-install the Soundcraft USB software and then re install? I have no idea if that would work anyway. I am really stuck and if I can't get any help here then I have no idea.


  • pastorpastor Posts: 1

    hola yo estoy en las misma un dilema este sistema ni el vendedor me a prestado ayuda al parecer la compañia que los fabrica no presta apoyo a los novatos

  • @Malcspring :
    I installed Audacity after the audio control panel and I noticed that the control panel now takes a long while to start after I click on it. But it eventually comes up. I am using Windows 10.

    @pastor :
    Yo tampoco puedo encontrar ninguna documentación que explique las funciones del control panel. Es lamentable.


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