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Hooking speakers up to 12 MTK

I'm brand new to mixers and have a 12 MTK. But getting no sound out of speakers.

KRK 5 speakers are plugged into MST L & R via XLR. In OS X, I've selected the MTK as the Output, but still getting no sound. No instruments are plugged in yet, just trying to watch YouTube clips to test the connections.


  • Nothing coming through headphones, either.

  • alexewhitealexewhite Posts: 1

    Hi - you might need to enable USB input and then push the fader up on the output channel. - you have selected which channel number in your computer audio settings. ie if you have chosen channels 1 and 2 as outputs on your sound settings, then press 'USB RTN' on channels 1 and 2 and bring both faders up.

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