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Split input on a Signature 12MTK

I just got a Signature 12 MTK mixer. All channels are digitally available in my DAW (Multitrack).

However, the channels are all combined into:
1 AND 2
3 AND 4
5 AND 6
and so on.

This makes it difficult (or impossible) to work with.

Why is this? Why are these channels forcefully combined?

I want to use each mixer channel as a separate mono channel to be available in the DAW.

Can I somehow split the stereo (combined) channels into separate, individual channels in the PC?

Any ideas?


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    mtlmtl Posts: 1

    I just got one of these too and have the same question! the manual does not indicate this is how its done, which i read cover to cover before buying!

    I know you can pan the sound hard left and right, so full Left on ch1 and full right on ch2 and it will give you the mono tracks but not ideal when you just want to say record ch2 on its own without ch1 while actually using the mixer for analog audio at the same time.

    Hoping its just a driver issue, and can be fixed with a driver update. full individual channels would be nice or the ability to link and unlink.

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