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Will the Soundcraft Signature MTK series be updated in the near future?


I'm a proud owner of the Signature MTK 12 and it has served me well. However, I feel like its a time for a refresh of the series. The fact that this is one of the only mixers that can split itself into multiple usb devices, makes it incredibly attractive to streamers (which is becoming more and more popular). The GoXLR by Helicon is becoming the go-to "device" for streamers, but I think the MTK series could easily beat it with an improved version. One of the thing i've really missed is motorized faders. I've also had to change the power supply of mine two times, so a more reliable power supply would probably be a smart investment long-term. A power switch, and moving the power cable to the back of the unit would also be nice :)Fingers crossed ;)


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