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Notepad 12 fx monitoring for playing live question.

Hi, i have acquired a Notepad 12 fx, so far i have understanding everything, but still there is something i can't achieve.

This is the scenario:
I have four synths, all of them have the internal lexicon effects active, now i want to remove one synth from the Master, turning down gain and level, and send it trough the AUX headphones bus, so i can prepare the next loop and hear it only on the headphones. I can do that, the only problem is i need to remove the effects from all the channels synths because no matter if i have the level and gain down on that channel, if the aux/fx knob is up (which i need to hear the monitoring) and effects are active, sound will be coming from that supposedly muted channel on the Master. That on a live setting is not very good.

Is this mixer capable of doing that? Another question is, i don't have any external effect with me, if i plug a pedal effect, the behavior will be the same?

I am something noob on mixers, so maybe there is another way to do what i am looking for, that is using monitoring without turning off the effects for all channels. Thanks!!!

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