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Compact Stagebox Routing with optional MADI and Dante Cards


I need some help trying to get sound from one soundboard to another through a fairly simple system with a stagebox in the middle . I have the following setup:

FOH Soundcraft SI3 Soundboard connected to Soundcraft Compact Stagebox via a MADI card. The same Compact Stagebox has an optional Dante card and is connected to Video Suite Soundcraft SI3 Soundboard via Dante. The Dante network also connects to a third SI3 Soundbard in another building.

I don't understand how the routing works in the Stagebox using MADI and Dante. For example, if a guitar comes in on channel 1 of the stagebox, I can assign it as Stagebox Channel 1 on my FOH board and output patch it to MADI Channel 17 (on the same FOH soundboard) where it then shows up as Dante 1 on the other boards. Is this an expected result? I can get all my channels this way (MADI 17 out is Dante 1, Madi 18 is dante two, etc)

While all of this works just fine to provide sound to the other boards, I have been unable to figure out how to assign inputs from the other boards, into Dante, and then bring them into the FOH soundboard via the MADI card. I see options for Dante inputs on the FOH board, but I get no sound when I assign the channel.

I am using the Audinate Dante Controller software to route the sound, and I am fairly sure I know what I am doing there. For example, I can route sound just fine between the 2 Dante boards, I just cannot figure out how to get that to the FOH soundboard. Does this make sense?

Matt in California

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