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ui24r, line level inputs, and overdubs or musical 'click' tracks

Hi, I am considering picking up the ui24r. I know it will do one task I need it to do (livestreaming full band jams/rehearsals while recording them to mix/tweak later), but I'm wondering about another task and how it will fit in with my current equipment.

My first question is using it with outboard preamps/hardware channel strips. I have a Universal Audio 6176, and other gear along those lines. Usually you see a mixer describe its inputs as mic pres and or line-ins, where it can take both. The UI24R has a lot of mic pres but they don't seem to also be line ins. Will plugging the output of my 6176 into an input on the UI24R be wise?

My second question comes down to using it as a daw without a computer. I hate computers and want to do as little on them as possible. ( Yes, my VS-1680 still works fine for what it is 20 years on. as do my jv-1080 and mc-80) When I record songs I use synth tracks (outboard midi synth and outboard sequencer) of a basic drum track and the basic harmony and any musical cues are in the headphones instead of just a click track. Sometimes the synth tracks are part of the finished product, sometimes not. I just hate tracking to a computer.

Can you play audio from the "play" usb drive while recording to the "record" usb drive? Can you record the audio played on the play usb drive onto the record drive while recording other tracks to it? I realize the read and write speeds of the thumb drives is critical here, so I intend to use drives that are up to the task.

Thanks, and sorry for the long post. I just want to try to make sure I was stating myself clearly.


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