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Si Impact: Stereo monitoring on MTX1

Hi all,
wondering if you could help me find out what's going on.

For a live stream, I have 3 stereo MIX's that I feed into MTX1 which is also setup as stereo. Everything works fine to the outputs and is stereo all the way through, even into the stream, so that's all great.

However, I want to listen to the final matrix mix using a headset on the board but the MTX1 doesn't give me stereo when I listen to it, while all the MIX's DO give me stereo... Even looking at the monitor volume level indicator at the board, while I know that I should only get a left volume indicator in my test, both left and right indicate volume..

How come I get stereo all the way to the outputs and also in monitoring the MIX's but my monitor for the matrix, doesn't give me stereo??

Thanks a million for any help!


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