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Ui24r Record AUX to Stereo Recording USB

We've setup our console quite nice with 4 Stereo Monitors, everything works fine.
For recording I don't like the Normal "Stereo Record to USB" function, as this records the MASTER Signal, which we also need for our Guitarist to hear something over the PA.
I don't like to use the Multitrack option neither, as I always have to bring the USB Stick home, import into Cubase, Mixdown, Expport.... it's a Hassle.
I've thought that it would be nice to tell the console to record the Aux Signal from AUX 9 + 10, as with this I am able to have a separate Mix which is recorded in Stereo directly to USB.
Does anyone know if this is possible?
Thanks in advance, regards, Zopf


  • DenkeesDenkees Posts: 2

    Hi Zopf, That is exactly what I miss in the Ui24R and I was very disappointed that is is not possible. In a smaller live situation the mastermix is not in balance so I always want to make an extra aux mix to record ( on my Roland mixer i can chose everything ) . If more people will ask for that, perhaps soundcraft can change the firmware to make it possible. The only way to do it on the Ui24R is to use a stereo Aux mix to FOH and record the master L&R. Any other suggestions ? Regards Kees

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