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Ui24r Record AUX to Stereo Recording USB

We've setup our console quite nice with 4 Stereo Monitors, everything works fine.
For recording I don't like the Normal "Stereo Record to USB" function, as this records the MASTER Signal, which we also need for our Guitarist to hear something over the PA.
I don't like to use the Multitrack option neither, as I always have to bring the USB Stick home, import into Cubase, Mixdown, Expport.... it's a Hassle.
I've thought that it would be nice to tell the console to record the Aux Signal from AUX 9 + 10, as with this I am able to have a separate Mix which is recorded in Stereo directly to USB.
Does anyone know if this is possible?
Thanks in advance, regards, Zopf


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    DenkeesDenkees Posts: 2

    Hi Zopf, That is exactly what I miss in the Ui24R and I was very disappointed that is is not possible. In a smaller live situation the mastermix is not in balance so I always want to make an extra aux mix to record ( on my Roland mixer i can chose everything ) . If more people will ask for that, perhaps soundcraft can change the firmware to make it possible. The only way to do it on the Ui24R is to use a stereo Aux mix to FOH and record the master L&R. Any other suggestions ? Regards Kees

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    pieterwspieterws Posts: 1
    Thanks for sharing. We have a related problem. To get a decent dB level on the stereo USB recording, we are currently running the master output very hot, around -6 DBFS, which we feel is not ideal, as we have a part of our program which is louder, but does not have to be recorded. So we are constantly running towards the top of the output level, and with volunteers this is not ideal for us. It would be great if one could, as suggested, record an aux channel, or perhaps or record pre-fader on master. Or perhaps there is some other option. We dont want to record multitrack.
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